I got hurt getting out of my car and my health insurance said to file with my auto insurance?

Traditionally, we think of an auto accident as one vehicle hitting another or running into a wall or something the like. Did you know that if you are injured and there is a vehicle involved, in any way, it is considered an "auto accident"? Being struck by a vehicle part, such as a door or trunk lid, while entering or exiting vehicles, overexertion, such as from unloading cargo from a trunk or the back of a pickup, may all be considered auto accidents.

Will your injuries be covered by your car insurance? The answer depends on what type of coverage you have and the nature of the accident.  Insured Kansans carry a minimum of $4500 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits.  In general, PIP will cover injuries that arise out of the ownership, maintenance or use of a motor vehicle.  Car insurance policies do vary, however, so look for definitions of bodily injury under your PIP coverage to determine what coverages you have.  

Here are 16 ways your car can hurt you outside of a collision:

1. Slammed hand in car door 

2. Jumped or fell out of pickup truck bed

3. Unloading cargo 

4. Hit head on vehicle’s hood or trunk lid

5. Had foot run over

6. Injured during a carjacking

 7. Kicked car, hurt foot

8. Hit by a car part or foreign object while working on car

9. Burned by battery acid

10. Struck by a falling person 

11. Tire or other object smashed into vehicle

12. Hurt while changing a tire

13. Burned by a muffler or exhaust pipe

14. Burned by a non-crash fire 

15. Cut by car

16. Poisoned by carbon monoxide

A "car accident" may not be a collision.  It may be simply an accident and a vehicle happens to be involved.  Not all policies provide coverage for mishaps and everyone should read the fine print.  However, if you enter our office, complaining of an injury and their was a vehicle involved, we are required to file your claim the same way we would, if you had an auto collision... the primary insurance is auto, secondary is health. 

Chiropractic care can't help with all of the above injuries.  However, if your condition is related to your back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle, foot, etc., give us a call.  


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