Postural Alterations

The Old school used to teach us that bad posture was the cause of spinal problems. While it is a contributing factor, we now know that Bad posture is actually the first symptom that we have spinal problems. When we slump or slouch we do it to avoid discomfort, it opens up the space where the nerves exit the spine, removing pressure thus relieving pain. It is true that after immobilized for a while you will get muscle fatigue and need support, like elbows on the desk rather than the thighs most people do not recognize how important good posture really is. When a child or adult has repeated poor posture they should be seen and evaluated by one of our Doctors at Dopps Chiropractic

From a biomechanical standpoint, Postural Alterations cause the areas around the injury joint to become overworked and stressed. Because of this abnormal stress and torsion on the spine creates Degenerative Problems that can lead to Osteoarthritis. Bad posture should be the first sign of Subluxation, and is the first Warning Sign that we need to have our spines examined.

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Although many types of headaches exist, safe, conservative Chiropractic care is available in Wichita, and can help to regulate and diminish the frequency. All headaches have triggers, some being stress, pinched or irritated nerves, and even certain foods will trigger a headache. At Dopps Chiropractic we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of headaches. Postural Alterations can also lead to some types of cervicogenic headaches as well.


Dopps Chiropractic in Wichita knows that Like headaches, sciatic pain has many different origins. The effect leads to the same symptoms, shooting pain down the buttocks and if severe enough, radiating pain down into the lower extremities. The most common cause is a Herniated Lumbar Discs, but can be associated to Severe Muscle Spasms in the lower back and pelvic region. Through spinal adjustments the pressure in the lower back and pelvis will be relived and the pain will diminish, safe and effectively. We have had great success with a lot of patients that have had symptoms of Sciatica, through Wellness Care, the symptoms diminish and do not return.


The woman of Wichita can benefit from the pain relief associated with chiropractic care. Our Wichita Chiropractors can help you through your pregnancy. Treatmens are safe and essential. We can look at the implications of subluxation from a bio mechanical, hormonal and neurological standpoint. It is easy for all of us to see postural changes through pregnancy-the centre of gravity changes, the weight of the baby places increased pressure on the spine and pelvis, and towards the end of the pregnancy, changes are seen in gait pattern-the "waddle." What we can't see, are the millions of different hormonal changes and chemical reactions occurring both in the mother and the developing baby--all of which are controlled and coordinated through the nervous system.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is common in the Wichita area. It is another complex condition with multiple causes. Impengment of nerves can happen anywhere along the nerve pathway. The actual problem can be found alot of the time in the wrist, but also in the elbow or shoulder. The nerves originate from the neck, so if you headaches are another symptom, then it could possibly be of spinal origin. Fortunatly, well trained Chiropractors can adjust and restore the normal biomechanics to this joint, releiving pressure and nerve irritation.


Dopps Chiropractic in Wichita knows that there are two types of arthritis that affect most Americans. They are Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Although they are both classified by "joint pain," each has different symptoms and different degenerative processes. Generically they have some of the same symptoms, such as: swelling in one or more joints, stiffness around joints (RA will lasts One hour or more, OA will only last about 30 min or less). Warmth or redness coming from the joint, can also indicate an arthritic joint.


Wichita is not new to auto accidents! Not everyone in the Wichita are are attentive drivers and adccidents happen! An injury to the soft tissues of the neck that occurs from a sudden jerking or “whipping” of the head. This type of motion strains the muscles and the ligaments of the neck beyond their normal range of motion. Whiplash often occurs when a vehicle stops suddenly in a car crash or is struck from behind. Either of these two actions causes things in the vehicle to be thrown forward – including passengers. A seat belt will keep a person’s body from being thrown forward, but the head may snap forward, then backward, causing a whiplash injury in the neck. In addition to car accidents, whiplash can be caused by roller coasters and other amusement park rides, sports injuries, or being punched or shaken.


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