Postural Alterations

At Dopps Chiropractic in Wichita, we suggest that you take the time to observe how you sit, and how you feel while performing these various tasks. If pain is already a factor keeping you from maintaining good posture, schedule an appointment, postural changes and remodeling of the spine may already be taking place. Also, observe others and notice what they may be doing wrong. At Doppps Chiro in Wichita, we know that family, friends and especially children should be checked to avoid future problems.

Proper Sitting Posture

Is it any wonder why Chronic Back Pain is so prevalent in our society? Bad posture is the first symptom that we have spinal problems. When we slump or slouch it increases the size of the space where the nerves exit the spine, removing pressure thus relieving pain. Most people do not recognize how big of a problem poor posture really is. Detecting Postural Alterations are the key to understanding back problems.

From a biomechanical standpoint, Postural Alterations cause the areas around the injury joint to become overworked and stressed. Because of this abnormal stress and torsion on the spine creates Degenerative Problems that can lead to Osteoarthritis. Bad posture should be the first sign of Subluxation, and is the first Warning Sign that we need to have our spines examined.

Correct posture must be maintained at all time: We work 1/3 of our life, Sleep 1/3, and the other 1/3 we do a variety of activities.

Proper Sleeping Posture

Because sleep is so important for our muscles and body to rest, proper posture must be maintained while we rest. The proper sleeping posture is on your back or on your side, but never on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach will stretch and strain the ligaments and muscles of the neck and surrounding areas. The proper mattress is also an important facet to sleeping posture. As demonstrated to the left, a mattress that is too soft can cause your back to sway, likewise a mattress that is too hard will not support your spine the way that it should be. Finding a mattress that supports your specific body type is important to relieving back pain that is induced by sleeping postures.

Driving Posture

There is almost twice as much pressure on the back when sitting incorrectly than there is when you stand properly, so sitting correctly while driving is very important. When you drive, your knees should be level with your hips. For more comfort, you can use a rolled-up towel, jacket or commercial back support in the seat behind you. Because reaching towards the wheel increases the pressure on the lumbar spine, it puts significant stress on your neck, shoulders and wrist. To compensate, you should sit as close to the steering wheel as possible – as long as you still feel safe.


  • Relaxing at the wheel: A relaxed driving position reduces stress on the spine
  • Always adjusting the seat when you enter the car
  • Taking regular breaks from driving - once every two hours or so
  • Unload items off the back seat from the back doors of the car, rather than the front
  • Don't wear tight clothes while driving

Bending and Lifting

Proper lifting technique will reduce the risk for spine injury. Keep the back straight and bend the legs and hips when lifting; this reduces stress on the back. Avoid lifting objects higher than your waist whenever possible. Face the object you wish to lilt. When lilting hold the objects close to the body. Do not twist while lilting. When possible push rather than pull an object, which is easier on the back. Seek help lifting when necessary. Lift cautiously with moderate speed.

Pain Stops at Dopps!

Postural Alterations can also occur from painful stimulus. Antalgic Postures will cause us lean away from pain, thus causing the same stress as mentioned above. Chronic spinal pain will cause the spine to wear out quickly due to the increased motion and at that specific joint.


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