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HBOT post Tummy Tuck Treatment 4

My surgery was two and a half weeks ago.  I have completed 4 HBOT treatments to date.   My measurements are still  bigger now than they were before I went into surgery.  I still have a great deal of swelling.  My drain and steristrips were removed yesterday.  Yesterday, when I woke up, my waist measured 34".  I had a thirty minute session in the chamber on Monday and quite an active day.  The last time the surgeon took a drain out, I swelled for 2 days!  When I woke up this morning, my waist was down 2".  Yes, twwooo inches! Considering that there was no longer a drain to reduce the swelling, that was a significant reduction!  I've had more energy and have felt clear and refreshed each time I've come out of the chamber.  

I have obviously never had this procedure before.  So, I have no exact comparison as to how my body would respond with or without HBOT therapy.  The possibility of scar reduction and faster healing are enough for me to keep scheduling the chamber.  If I had to pay $50 for each of my sessions, I would.  My scar cream is $50 an ounce,  The procedure was over $7000.  It was a serious investment in myself and I want to get the best results that I can.  


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